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Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.' Australian Ravens have pale blue eyes.

In Flight...

>>>previous pinner [PERFECT image of a Crow showing all of his distinctive features and differences from a Raven. Also, 'Crows walk n Ravens hop' . NOT exactly true as Ravens DO walk but will do double hops too]

Albino raven

Funny pictures about An Albino Raven. Oh, and cool pics about An Albino Raven. Also, An Albino Raven.

raven in flight

Art unknown to me! The true crows are large passerine birds that form the genus Corvus in the family Corvidae.

Raven (raven, phoenix, crow) Series. The Three Legged Birds- Sanzuwu, Yatagarasu, and Samjok-o Aquatint -   via Etsy, by Larry Vienneau Jr

Raven artwork , Raven, crow, Three Legged Crow, etching 8 inch x 10 inch 2016