Beautiful beauty

“Men don’t fall in love with a woman who is perfect. They fall in love with a woman who is specific. A woman who is comfortable with herself can be herself specifically. She is free to explore who she is, because she is not comparing herself to other women all the time, trying to be someone she’s not.”
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Alek Wek / laughing

Alek Wek / laughing - I think she is so flawless, and the happiness in her soul always seems to come through in her photos. Explore this site and learn how to get the perfect white smile in 2 week

Beam this girl up or something

Forget the mask! Use your makeup to do the work by adding layers of color, glitter and sequins around the eyes. You'll knock 'em dead for sure!

The day that the child realizes all adults are imperfect, she becomes an adolescent; the day she forgives them, she becomes an adult; the day she forgives herself , she becomes wise. - Alden Nowlan / perceptive artista-FB

I have some silver and white hair starting to come out. I may not color it. My dad's hair was so beautiful when it started turning. His hair was longer then and a very shiny silver. I hope I inherit it!

stare like fire

Tonia Sotiropoulou -Greek model/actress and the "NEW Bond Gril" I love here look and her hair. Something to strive for.