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Hands down, this is the best list of self-care ideas I've come across! If you ever lack for inspiration and ideas for practicing self care, refer to this list and pick something that refreshes your body, mind, or soul.

79 Ways to Practice Self Care - Richly Rooted

Journaling has so many benefits, and you can add even more if you're intentional about it. Here's how to use your journal for self improvement.

How to Use Your Journal for Self Improvement | Rustico Leather

The 21-Day Anxiety Challenge: Take Control of Your Nerves in 2016


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Simplify: 8 Simple Living Podcasts to Help You Make Room for What Matters | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism

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If you're on a tight budget, these are some great tips to do fun things without spending a ton of cash, either at home or on the road.

30 Things to Do When You're Bored or Broke (or Both) - Tremendous Times

Do this before your mobile phone is stolen. #security #mobile #smartphone

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Some days I long for a beautiful, put-together house, or nicer things. A place that feels cozy and lived-in, yet lovely. So I let myself pout for a minute or two. Then I decide something needs to be done to change my attitude. Because I can pout all I want, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not in our budget to fix these things right now. And for now, that’s okay. Here are a few of the things I do when I’m having one of those days, and need to be reminded how truly blessed I am...

What to Do When You’re Not Happy With Your Home

How to Destroy Performance Anxiety and Deliver an Award-Winning Show Every Time:

How to Destroy Performance Anxiety and Deliver an Award-Winning Show Every Time

"5. Overcoming procrastination. 6. Asking for help. 7. Negotiating. 8. Stress management. 9. Saving money... " Feeling like you need a little help? ADHD makes it difficult to acquire all of these skill.

The most surprising ways to master 12 essential life skills

Re-pin: Life hacks #provestra

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12 ways to Live a happier life | Yoga Quotes

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Have 30 days of encouragement and take our self love challenge.

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The bullsh*t lie about blogging that I'm tired of hearing...

How to be the most handy mom around: 25+ Clever Household Tips.

25+ Clever Household Tips

Ha! Pretty smart! DIY trash can liner. To throw away those non-plastic waste items you might still have ☺ in any case, saves a plastic bag!

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40 items to declutter from your home during lent - why not try getting rid of 1 a day - feel great for Easter!

40 items to declutter from life during Lent - Organise My House

Do you want to work from home as a blogger? Check out these tips! Michelle makes over $50,000 a month from the comfort of her home and loves what she does! So awesome!

How To Make Money With A Blog - How I Earn $50K A Month

You CAN feed yourself for just $20 a week with healthy, gluten-free food. This shopping list includes meal plan ideas. You really can do it!!

A Healthy Diet For $20.00 A Week | The Frugal Farm Wife

21 quick actions you can take today to simplify your life.

21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life - Slow Your Home

How to use a map to make envelopes and photo corners for a traveling scrapbook page.

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Find Mistakes In An Essay - #College, #Essay, #LifeHack, #Student, #Tips

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Taking A Trip? Make It Better With These Tips

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Free Printable: Helpful Ways To Say NO (Healthy Boundaries)

Free Printable: Helpful Ways To Say…NO