Madeleine Joy

Madeleine Joy

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Madeleine Joy
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Guess are the idiots that misinterpret the Bible and give the rest of us a bad rep

Some more of that Christian love you hear so much about. It does warm my heart to see all the down votes she has, fucking tool.<< I hate it when they drone on about Christian stuff all the time! If God exists, he doesn't work that way

Kind of unbelievable…. Never not repin this<<it's..awesome, litteraly

Faith in humanity restored. For all of you jerks out there who won't use a product because the creator is gay or something like that, well get off your high horse because you sir or madam are an ass hole!

carol rossetti

Jane was told that she would be really pretty if she lost some pounds. Jane, your beauty and your self-esteem are not defined by your weight (and it's likely that those who said that would be prettier if they knew when to SHUT UP).