It’s taken me weeks to work up the courage to write this post. But I finally decided the day had come… and I’m going to press publish on this, even if it means that some people don’t understand or are disappointed with me. You see, for years, our family has been known by the fact that we have a really, really low grocery budget. In fact, this site started as an outgrowth of people’s interest in how we’ve kept our grocery budget so, so low...

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Why We More Than Doubled Our Grocery Budget

27 Genius (and Accurate!) Kohl's Shopping Hacks

The Krazy Coupon Lady

27 Genius (and Accurate!) Kohl's Shopping Hacks - The Krazy Coupon Lady

There are so many ways to earn an living online. If you want to get started with a reputable company here are the top five ways to work at home with Amazon.

Single Moms Income

Top 5 Ways to Work at Home with Amazon - Single Moms Income

Christmas On A Zero Budget | If you are struggling and barely eeking by this Christmas, I highly encourage you to go read Victoria’s post on Having Christmas on a Zero Budget. I think it will inspire you!

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Christmas on a Zero Budget

About three years ago, we decided to eat organic produce, meats, and some dairy. What I have found is that by cutting out prepackaged conventional foods, and eating with fresh ingredients, my grocery bill has actually decreased. In fact, I have been able to feed our family of four fresh organic meals for $100 per week.

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How We Afford to Eat Organic Foods on a $100 Weekly Grocery Budget

One result of decluttering that I did not expect was the way my spending habits changed. I thought that I was already pretty careful about how I used money, but after simplifying my home my perspective on spending changed completely. I now spend much differently than I used to, and in the process, I've saved a lot of money!

The Humbled Homemaker

How Decluttering My Home Changed the Way I Spend - The Humbled Homemaker

Don't let saving for retirement overwhelm you. With this easy way to save more for retirement you can do your part without even noticing it! Give it a try.

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A Totally Painless Way to Save More for Retirement - Single Moms Income

Credible Weight-Loss Advice from a Certified Nutritionist.

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Our actual family budget, with the actual dollar amounts for each area -- groceries, clothes, utilites, etc. #pullingcurls

Pulling Curls

Make A Budget: Showing our Actual Budget » Pulling Curls

Buying a new or used car? Check out these tips to save money and make a smart purchase!

Allison Lindstrom | Frugal on the Prairie

6 Tips for Buying a Vehicle

Ready to score big at garage sales this summer? Follow these five strategies and you'll spend less money and get more items.

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How to Spend Less and Score Big at Garage Sales this Summer - Single Moms Income

8 SIMPLE WAYS TO GET GREAT DEALS ON NEW CLOTHES. While I love thrift stores and am an advocate for buying clothes second hand, there's nothing like the thrill of buying items brand new. You may have to shop a little differently, but it IS possible to get some great deals on brand new clothes. Here are some ideas you may not have considered!

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23 Frugal Books to Help You Save Money - A great list on a wide variety of frugal living and coupon clipping books that can help you save money.

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23 Frugal Books to Help you Save Money

10 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON ROAD TRIPS. Taking a road trip this summer? Here are some ways we save money when travelling by car.

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The Teacher's Wife: 10 Ways to Save Money on Road Trips

Want to turn your clutter into cash? This post will tell you how, and it may be easier than you think.

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How to turn your clutter into cash

25 Must Buy Items at ALDI, I just discovered ALDI and this site has a good list. Didn't know they had a "sale" bin!


25 Must Buy Items at ALDI - BargainBriana

Great tips to tackle that paper clutter once and for all! //

Clean and Scentsible

How to Organize Paperwork - Creating a Paper Trail - Clean and Scentsible

By not handing our daughter her college education, but still expecting her to graduate debt free, we'll be setting her up for the brightest future possible.

Living on Fifty

Why I'm Not Paying for My Daughter's College - But She'll Still Graduate Debt Free! - Retired by 40

How to search for scholarships infographic

Find Your Path To Success
- Living on a Dime

10 Tips To Save Money On Clothes

Great yard sale tips for sellers to declutter and make some extra cash. Found at

Pint Size Farm

Yard Sale Tips for Sellers - Pint Size Farm

Are big box clubs really worth the price of membership? Get the skinny on which items will actually save you money at stores like Sam's Club, Costco, & BJs. This detailed post shares the secrets of what to buy at wholesale club stores (as well as which items to avoid!)

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What to Buy at Wholesale Club Stores & What to Avoid | Costco Shopping Tips

7 ways to buy quality clothing for less...


Where to Buy Quality Clothes for Less

How to Use Amazon to Cheaply Prepare for an #Emergency and Stock your #Pantry
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10 Steps to STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck. | How to Budget, Prioritize Expenses, Pay Off Debt, Increase Money in Savings, Increase Income, Develop Financial Goals and Develop Financial Security | Budget Loving Military Wife

Budget Loving Military Wife

10 Steps to STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck