Jellyfish / Berenice, Red Sea, Egypt

Colorful image Jellyfish / Berenice, Red Sea, Egypt I guess I really love this color blue.


I believe my favorite animal in the kingdom are Stingrays. They are amazing and beautiful creatures.

fluorescent jellyfish

Fluorescent Jellyfishes Amazing fluorescent jellyfish shot in an aquarium of Rhenen's zoo in The Netherlands

The jellyfish, Pelagia noctiluca, found in a rock pool near the Lihou Island Causeway on the west coast of Guernsey. Photo by Richard Lord.

sea life… surreal but real. This is a Mauve Stinger Jellyfish (pelagia noctiluca). feet in diameter and very poisonous. Living at a depth of feet in the Pacific Ocean.

The Flame Scallop has  a Hard Shell and Flowing Red Whiskers.

The Flame Scallop has a hard shell and flowing red whiskers. They can propel themselves through water quite quickly by 'clapping' their shells together and squirting out water.

ORANZHEVOSHIPAYA FISH-Rhino (Naso elegans) and SARGOTSENTRON-Diadem, Red Sea

'Blonde' Naso Tang::Naso elegans aka Orangespine Unicornfish, the Lipstick Tang and the Lipstick Surgeonfish.

Red Spotted Saffron Discus

Discus fish mate for life and take care of their baby fish together. :) I want a discus family in my life.

Diving with sea turtle

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas ) being cleaned by herbivorous cleaner fish species Yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) and Gold-ring surgeonfish (Ctenochaetus strigosus) that graze algae off of turtle`s shell, at cleaning station, Kona, Hawaii

Christmas tree worms

Christmas Tree Worm in coral reef of Bonaire, Dutch Antilles, Caribbean Sea (I LOVE these little guys! When you get just barely close enough they can sense you and then they ZOOM back into their tube!


Male Seahorses Give Birth to babies. Seahorses are the only animals in the entire animal kingdom in which the male, not the female gives birth and cares for their young! The female seahorse deposits the eggs into the male's small pouch like a kangaroo.

Sulawesi, Indonesia ~ photo by Vittoria Amati

All kinds of animals / Sea anemone. Vittoria Amati photographs the marine life around the coral reefs of Sulawesi, Indonesia. on imgfave

A Comerson’s Frogfish is photographed among tubastrea coral in Raja Ampat, West Papua province, Indonesia

A Comerson’s Frogfish is photographed among tubastrea coral in Raja Ampat, West Papua province, Indonesia.