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8 Steps to a professional media kit
a woman sitting on the ground with a book in her hand and text that reads, what's a media kit why you need one things to include
Blogger Media Kits 101: What's a Media Kit, Why You Need One, and What to Include
What's a Media Kit? Before you start creating a blogger media kit, you need to know the basics: what exactly a media kit is, why you need one, and what to include. Consider this post your Media Kit 101!
the how to create a social media kit for your blog or website is shown here
How to Make Money Blogging: Create a Stellar Media Kit - Peppercorn Creative
The decisive guide to creating a stellar media kit that gets you noticed & working with brands and sponsors so you can make money blogging!
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What is a media kit? It’s a multi-page document (usually in a PDF format) that businesses use to promote themselves and sell their services to potential clients. Who uses a media kit? While media kits were traditionally for magazine publications, they’ve evolved into something that is beneficial to bloggers and small businesses as well. Magazines [...] Read More
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10 Inspiring Media Kits from Bloggers
Media Kit examples from bloggers who used flexible, professional media kit templates. Get media kit ideas from 10 bloggers.
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What's a Media Kit?
What's a Media Kit Anyway? | Tips for bloggers on creating their media kit to share with advertisers and brands.
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Blog Media Kit » Katy Widrick
Mari Media Kit
how to design a media kit for your blog with picmonkey and free templates
How to Design a Free Media Kit for Your Blog + Premade Templates
How to Design a Free Media Kit for Your Blog + Premade Templates...step by step tutorial from @Theresa Sutton
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creating a media kit for your blog
a woman looking at her cell phone with the text natural social media marketing + 50 content ideas
natural social media marketing + 50 ideas for content to post on your social media platforms!!
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Blog Sugar / Merci Social Media Kit {Facebook Timeline header} from The Dear Miss Modern Design Shop. © deluxemodern design 2011
an image of a monkey with the words how to make a media kit using picmonkey
How to make a media kit using PicMonkey, courtesy of the SITSgirls
the cover of 10 social media tips for bloggers, brands and businesses
NameBright - Coming Soon
10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers, Brands Businesses by @Megan Ward Ward Ward Maxwell Biram / MIMI+MEG. Thanks, Meg!
a woman with glasses holding a black purse and looking at the camera text reads draft a killer media kit for your blog, the ultimate diy guide to building up a professional media kit
DIY media kit
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Media Kits for Bloggers
Make a media kit for your blog! Learn how to here! |