5 Things that changed my newborn photography by Lacey Meyers via Click it Up a Notch

5 Tips that Changed My Newborn Photography

5 Things that changed my newborn photography by Lacey Meyers via Click it Up a Notch--great tips!

Learn how to take great photos of your baby with these pose ideas for different ages.

tips for photographing babies {and a $100 Jo Totes giveaway

great tips to help you get gorgeous photos of your baby - without spending tons of money at a photo studio! DIY baby photoshoot ideas save money on babies,

Newborn photography tips | wrapping by Alicia Gould via Click it Up a Notch

Newborn Photography Tips

great tips for how to take amazing photos of your own kids - I need to try some of these ideas!

tips for photographing kids {get great photos in your own home

learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get amazing photos of your kids in your own home - so you can stop wasting money on so-so school photos!


WOW this site has tons of photography tips. 16 Tips to Photograph Christmas Morning-Why Didn’t I Think of That?-Wednesday - Click it Up a Notch


10 Tips to Photograph Children Together

10 tips for photographing children together "play a ‘Simon Says’ type game, look at me, look at each other, look at the sky, now look at the flying pig…"

5 tips for photographing boys

5 Tips for Photographing Boys

Maybe this will help since I can't seem to get them to be still so get a decent pic! 5 Tips for Photographing Boys via Click it Up a Notch

photograph your children in less than 7 minutes

Photographing Children in Less Than 7 minutes

"Just try being quiet, moving quickly, having a clear plan, and not expecting your child to perform at all. Just sit. And just wait." Then when everything is ready say, "polka-dotted underwear!

Photographing Kids

Pez dispensers keep little ones focused on the camera during photo shoots. Trim off the feet on the pez dispensers and they slide right into your camera flash hub.

How to photograph an older only child via Click it Up a Notch

5 Tips for Photographing an Older Only Child

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