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12 Friendliest Cat Breeds Abyssinian

12 Friendliest Cat Breeds—Unlike the Exotic Shorthair, the Abyssinian is all about activity. This breed is active,

An Abyssinian cat has never met a box it didn't want to sit in and love.

Cat: "I was born in a box, I live in a box, I sleep in a box, my food comes from a box; it's ALL boxes Man! I really need to start thinking OUTSIDE the box!

Abyssinian cats - OMG...Alexis...they look like Pharaoh and Isis. Must show dad.

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10 Cat Breeds For Dog Lovers Breed Abyssinian: Meet the Michael Jordan of cats. The Abyssinian is the star athlete of the fe.


So it looks like.there's that fly on the ceiling again. How does it do that.hang upside down from the ceiling?