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And sometimes you feel like you need to cry but you've just cried too much in life and can't seem to anymore, not even alone in the shower. You exist because nothing has taken you yet, but it doesn't matter to you either way... You've given up on the prospect of any lasting happiness.

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Colossians 3:13 (ERV) - Don’t be angry with each other, but forgive each other. If you feel someone has wronged you, forgive them. Forgive others because the Lord forgave you.

7 Qualities of A Good Friend

Here I outline a few of the most important qualities of a true friend, as well as the importance of defining what friendship means to you

I Find It Really Beautiful When Someone Prays (Live Life Happy)

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How to Manipulate People to Want what You Want? The Psychology Hacks.

How can you improve the outcome of an situation? What does his/her body language mean? Why did he/she reacted that way? Learn how to improve the outcomes with these psychological hacks.