Otter Ball

Funny pictures about Otter ball. Oh, and cool pics about Otter ball. Also, Otter ball photos.


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That FACE!

Do you know the state animal of NY? It's the beaver. A baby beaver is a kitten. I present the obligatory kitten picture for online posting. See the smile? He must have seen Around the World in 80 Days at Arizona Theatre Company.

F5 tornado

tornado-- scary - I look at this and think, "I don't believe I survived two of these things!

beautiful green tree

"A tree that looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray; a tree that may in Summer wear a nest of robins in her hair, upon whose bosom snow has lain, who intimately lives with rain." -Trees, by Joyce Kilmer

Crested Satinbird, Papua New Guinea - Photographer Nick Borrow

Crested Satinbird, Papua New Guinea - Photographer Nick Borrow Birds birds Exotic Nicobar Pigeons Love Birds

Mama bear and three cubs...

Summer cubs, McNeil River Bear Sanctuary, Alaska Photo by Thomas D.


Cheetah: "This Superb Photograph shows clearly the "Teardrop" effect of the black lines running down the animal's beautiful face. The word: "Cheetah" is derived from Hindi; in turn: From Sanskrit meaning: "Variegated.

Splendid Sunbird    Taken in Millenium Park, Abuja, Nigeria

Splendid Sunbird, native in western and central Africa. Taken in Millenium Park, Abuja, Nigeria.


Brown Bear family just look at the middle one :D Photographer - Unknown Like / Share - Precious World

Red-Wing blackbird

RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD Bird Spotting: The differences between the male and female red-winged blackbird are striking. While the plumage of the male is entirely black except for two bright red shoulder patches, the female is a dusty brown and heavily striped.