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Derek: I just want to find out if she's ok. Bailey: She's not. She's a human traffic accident and everybody's looking at the wreckage. She's doing the best she can with what she has left. Grey's Anatomy quotes

11 "Grey's Anatomy" Quotes That Will Shatter Your Heart

I think about this concept often. When my best friend died, I dissected every last second of the last conversations we never really do know which is why its so important to make every moment the best you can

"Find your voice, and when you do, fill the damn silence." Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy quotes

Observation 2: Physical Meredith has a very resilient side to her. She has been through so much to losing many people close to her and having so many near death experiences. But she is able to overcome it and thrive. But she can also have a hardiness side to her as well. She is able to be strong and push through it all and make it seem like she is not even phased at all.

"Everybody in this damn room is her family." Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy quotes