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Didn't watch or waste one minute of my time, watching the RNC. It has been covered in excess. I can't bear to hear any of the Republicans voices. Swearing doesn't help. Voting them out...that will help

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You don't seem to understand, this isn't about your past (albeit tacky and trashy); we all have pasts. This is about the actively horrific behavior you've treated ME to.

Misophonia. It kills. (No, it doesn't kill me. It will kill you if you go apeshit with the yogurt container & I wrap my bare hands around your throat.)

Three years later "post-burn" and this remains the most difficult...and best...thing I've ever done for myself. I do not regret for even a fraction of a second purging their toxicity from my life!

Ok could do without the curse word but it does make it more affective .... People may think and guys won't admit this but we have insecurities and depression has much as our lady counterparts do just we're not manly to say it or admit it....!!!!