Creative, Innovative, Imaginative & Inspiring mentoring! Why? Because that is the way OUR DIFFERENT students think!
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Savoring The Wilderness Journey in Homeschool with Struggling Learners #learningdifferences #strugglinglearner #homeschool

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Sensory Processing: The answer to why your child may struggle with tantrums, tags, sounds, light sensitivity and more | #sensoryactivities #sensoryprocessing

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What Humility Has To Do With Autism. This is a must read article for EVERY PARENT! Humbling ourselves as parents & guides to our children.

Joyful Socks Mom: How To Appreciate Your Struggling Learner .... After flipping-out & completely losing it over my struggling learners, there is peace. Here is the 2nd installment of encouragement ----> Getting Out of the Struggling Learner Wilderness #homeschool #ihsnet

Integrated Listening Systems to Curb Sensory Processing Issues with Teens ... and much more! #homeschool #ihsnet #integratedlisteningsystems

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