CUSHION CUTS! A collection...

This is the way to do a ring. Big beautiful radiant cushion cut diamond still stands out. This is a WOW ring.


So this isn't a DIY, but I'm thinking I can pretty easily make them myself. I really like the anchor and the infinity bracelets

sweetly vintage. I adore this ring!

Swirling Diamond Wedding Ring, RG-1750wbym

Swirling Diamond Wedding Band– paired with a simple and dainty engagement ring. Love it! This is one of my favorite rings of all time! I think I prefer smaller stones. They are more elegant, and large stones can sometimes look tacky.


love this stacked look: chain bracelets and an oversize watch in silver--you can layer different metals and sizes/textures too! It's a fun way to add a lot of ur favorite bracelets/watch! We like to call it arm candy ☺

Engagement ring @Brian McCarter ......

This is the most beautiful ring i have ever seen before. tell my future husband that i love this ring more than anything and i must have it

A bow diamond ring; cute

A bow diamond ring - OMG! A bow? and diamonds? Dear future husband, if you know a single thing about me its that I love bows.and diamonds.MY DREAM RING

Love this

Platinum Double Twist Eternity Band This is gorgeous. I really think i would love this as a promise ring or wedding band.

Anchors and Tiffany, doesn't get much better

Tiffany Anchor Diamond Necklace ♥ Three of my favorite things: diamonds, tiffany's, and AST

antique vintage wedding ring!  I'm IN LOVE!

Vintage Jewelry Engagement OR Right Hand Ring - I will love myself enough for this one day! DUCHESS - Diamond Engagement Ring or Right Hand ring SEMI