DK Readers: Twisters! book cover

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Our own little mini unit that we did on "The Mitten".

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Joy in Every Day Moments: The Mitten

Q-Tip Painting Printables featuring animals from The Mitten

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The Mitten Q-Tip Printables - 1+1+1=1

Animals for your own story

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Tell your own Mitten Story Animals

Read The Mitten Online!

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The Mitten - Read | We Give Books

The Mitten - a writing prompt

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What the Teacher Wants!: The Mitten

great lessons and activities to go with The Mitten!! Also, a great idea to compare The Hat and The Mitten, both by Jan Brett.

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The First Grade Parade: Mitten Loads of Fun!

mitten art project for littles with scraps of fabric and yarn

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Art for Kids by Elan Ferguson: Mittens...

mitten bookmarks

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Mitten Bookmarks at Lakeshore Learning

make a snowy owl (goes with camouflage lesson)

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Owl Art Projects

To use with The Mitten by Jan Brett. Mitten experiment with temperatures of the room, the mitten, a hand inside mitten. Is a mitten warm? No. Mitten traps the heat from a hand. Printable worksheet for experiment.

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Classroom Magic: Are Mittens Warm?

Great project example

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fun4kids: Animals in Winter- Hybernation/ Penguins/ Polar Bears

snowy scene art project

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Winter Scene: Drawing and Painting lesson

The Mitten

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Mschonor007: winter

Activities using the book The Mitten

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The First Grade Parade: Mitten Loads of Fun!

Free early learning printables for the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. Focusing on skills for preschool to kindergarten. Created by Homeschool Creations.

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The Mitten Learning Printables

unit & lapbook for preschool and kindergarten from Homeschool Share

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The Mitten Free Unit Study

mitten sun catcher craft

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15 Kids Winter Crafts - Second Chance To Dream

Printable props.

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1+1+1=1...Story Props