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Funny Sleep Quotes

Funny Sleep Quotes

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Tasomo: Attack Of The Funny Animals

True. Lol.

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That Awkward Moment When You Can't Sleep At Night & Continue To Change Positions Like A Mentally Challenged Walrus! Relatable Post #44

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Oh yeah.

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If you know me at all, then you know that I am not exactly a morning person!

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night shift problems

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  • Leah Chapman
    Leah Chapman


I'm too hungry to go to sleep but I'm too tired to find something to eat.

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all. the. time.

I Better Go To Bed Now


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So true, and also right when u get comfy you gotta pee

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Sleep is a good thing!

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Best part of waking up...

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  • Delajah Neblina
    Delajah Neblina

    even better is waking up and you don,t have to pee

  • Marla Kay Holman
    Marla Kay Holman

    That is so true!!!!! Lol.


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So true! There a very few people I won't hurt if I get woke! Lol

let her sleep - Dump A Day


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  • Terri Givens
    Terri Givens

    That is about all I get on the DAILY! :(

Took a 6-hour nap today. Which some people call 'a good night's sleep.' But it was daylight. It was a nap.

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Every Time I Try To Get Some Sleep

For real!

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But then I sit up and try to play on my iPad again, and my body says "I am sleepy!" Lay back down, and it says "just kidding" so this time I lay there and just try to sleep anyway

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