war dog

Top IED bomb detection Pit Bull on duty in Afghanistan. Howard, a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog in Kandahar, and a pibble! These pictures are amazing Andrew A. Nelles - Chicago Freelance Photojournalist: Afghanistan Part II

Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes ~ All gave some ~ Some gave all May is Military Appreciation month! Thank a Veteran!


United States Military men holding our flag with pride. Let's not lose any more of America - we once were a great nation. If nothing changes, and we as a people and country continue down the road we are on, we will fall even lower. God help us.

Dear Moms and Dads, Thank you for raising Heroes —

Navy SEALs and Army pilots train together. Operators from a West Coast based Navy SEAL team exit an Army Chinook during infiltration and exfiltration training as part of Northern Edge in Alaska. so I'll just put in Air force.

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