Orchid Mantis

And were looking for alien life on distant planets! Spiny Flower Mantis (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii) perhaps? I think so anyway. So damn cool!

Giant leopard moth.. Austin, Texas, U.S (by nikkorsnapper on Flickr)

Austin, Texas, U.S * black and white animals/insects * Animals that start with G (Giant) * Animals that start with L (Leopard) * Animals that start with M (Moth)

An Anthology of 50 Mythical Creatures.

50 Mythical Creatures From Around the Globe

Futuristic Floating City Looks Like a Manta Ray, is Completely Self-Sufficient and Can House 7,000 People

French architect Jacques Rougerie has envisioned a giant floating city which bears a striking resemblance to a manta ray, named City of Mériens.

Platycostis vittata (Oak Treehopper)

Oak Treehopper Treehoppers come in a multitude of strange forms and colors and seem otherworldly in comparison to most insects.

Hero Healing Concepts - Personal Project, Matthew Harris on ArtStation at https://artstation.com/artwork/hero-healing-concepts-personal-project

Hero Healing Concepts - Project Paladin by matthewharris Sci-Fi CGSociety

オービッド ウォクス・リンファ

This looks cool enough to be owned by a technicologically advanced alien race.