I love lions because they are strong and courageous animals! (Plus Aslan's a lion and I love him)

Finished tribal lion tattoo design using @Laura Kirkpatrick Marker multiliners.

Finished tribal lion tattoo design using Jayson Jayson Kirkpatrick Marker multiliners. Perfect for my Lyon family!

36 Cool Tribal Lion Tattoos | How to Tattoo?

About Existance Tribal Leo Sign Tattoo Tabatha – I’m not really into tribal tattoos but I like this pose for the lion

Tribal lion tattoo for my left inner forearm

Want on on my right side about the size of 2 dollar coins. with the quote "Live with your head in the lion's mouth" - the invisible man running under my right breast.

Gorgeous watercolor lion tattoo

Looking at the current trend among men and women to get such tattoos inked, I have dedicated today's post that showcases water color tattoo ideas that.

Lion Tattoos Leo Head Of Judah And Tribal Tattoo Art

20 free lion and leo tattoos + meaning. Designs include tribal lion tattoos, lion heads & lion of Judah.

Lion Tattoo On Shoulder Lion tattoo, aka leo tattoo, is one of the most popular among animal tattoos. People love lion tattoos not only for its cool appearance but also for its rich symbolic meaning. The lion has been a… Continue Reading →

Lion tattoo

Kick Ass Tattoo Artists: Sasha Unisex Puts Her Mark On Watercolor Tattoos