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Fili and Kili by brilcrist pt II (more forthcoming) - If you're excited for the Hobbit but dreading it at the same time and you know it, fangirl all the Dwarves and cry all the tears.

Seriously; if you call any dwarf by name be prepared to back up very quickly.

Fili and Kili. I do this all the time, so that means Fili and me rock.I love them sooooooooooo much!

And he dashes off with young Aragorn into the sunset.

mymultifandomworld: “ Art by Phobs ” request I did some time ago хЪ Some anon asked Aragorn + Legolas, and that was the only thing I could draw about them after last Hobbit movie хЪ


Funny humor fro afro hobbit the lord of the rings doe frodo bro swag. I AM DYING