Historical Hammered Dulcimers

Photos and graphics of historical instruments from around the world.
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a painting of a person holding an instrument in front of a box with music notes on it
Dulcimer (Medieval) – Early Music Instrument Database
Dulcimer (Medieval) – Early Music Instrument Database
a wooden table with a musical instrument on it's legs and an animal figure sitting at the top
Custom Made Stringwing
an old wooden table with two legs and a game board on it's top
Hammered Dulcimer | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hammered Dulcimer - Date: ca. 1815 - Geography: - Ohio?, United States
a drawing of an electric device with the words dabun on it and two arrows pointing
an ornately decorated musical box with paintings on it
OMG that Artifact!
Dulcimer, 1750. Appalachian dulcimer, a fretted, plucked musical instrument which is also referred to as a "mountain dulcimer", "lap dulcimer", "fretted dulcimer", or "hog fiddle" Hammered dulcimer, a hammer-struck, trapezoid-shaped musical instrument
a musical instrument laying on top of a bed with string attached to it's strings
Santur The santur is a hammered dulcimer of Iran, India, Iraq and various other countries, It is a trapezoid-shaped box often made of walnut or different exotic woods. The original classical santur has 72 strings. The name means one hundred strains in Persian. The oval-shaped mallets (Mezrabs) are feather-weight and are held between the index and middle fingers. A typical santur has two sets of bridges, providing a range of approximately three octaves..
a person is playing an instrument on a table
In German "dulcimer" is "Hackbrett" this means "cutting board"!! USA/Hammered Dulcimer, ... hammerbalg.ch
an ornately decorated wooden case with gold trim
Hammered Dulcimer Circa 1720 – Doug Berch
Tympanon or hammered dulcimer by an anonymous French maker – circa 1720
two wooden trays with decorative designs on them
A DULCIMER Italian, late 17th/early 18th Century The trapeze shaped soundbox with gilt moulding around the edges, the soundboard decorated with birds and flowers and set with two gilt roses within floral rosettes, the sides decorated with turkish motifs, twenty courses, five triple and fifteen quadruple with two bridges (one damaged) and two probably later ivory hammers 27.3/8 in. (69.4 cm.) wide; 12 in. (30.5 cm.) deep
Hasht-Behesht Palace santur Ancient Persian, Women In Iran, Persian Women, Ancient Persia, Celtic Music, Persian Miniature, Iranian Art
Hasht-Behesht Palace santur
a close up of a musical instrument on a wooden table with many strings attached to it
Concert Cimbalom by Kovács Balázs
a close up view of the strings on an instrument
Close up of bridges of Chinese Yangqin
a man holding up a large wooden board with holes in the middle and two sides
Back of Chinese Yangqin