Analogy ads show a "thing" that is very similar to the message that's being conveyed.
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an advertisement for the movie's upcoming horror film, which is being released on dvd
jello magazine ad movie poster - Google Search
a movie poster for creepy crawly night with a girl looking at a spider in the window
jello magazine ad movie poster - Google Search
an article in the magazine skis shows different types of kitchen knives and tools hanging on a pegboard
two gears are shown with the words extra examples after this image
Extra Pin Graphic
Use this graphic to indicate in each board where your "extra" pins begin. Use the assignment instructions to see how many "extra" examples you might need.
a cat standing next to a bottle of tidy cats disinfectant on a yellow background
PURINA TIDY CATS | Creativity In Bloom
PURINA TIDY CATS | Creativity In Bloom
a book cover with a glove on top of an electrical outlet and the words test drive a macintosh above it
Apple Macintosh: Best Ever Print Ads | Solopress
Good way to "show" that your computer is fast. (This is a racing glove... something race car drivers wear when they race...)
a group of people standing around each other in front of a man with his mouth open
Wendy's Commercial - Soviet Fashion Show
Wendy's Commercial - Soviet Fashion Show. Watch this, it's entertaining!
a man with a tattoo on his arm
Harley Davidson "Test Drive"
"Test-drive Harley-Davidson." A perfect analogy image for Harley.
an advertisement for tea from a time when men knew how to fix more
Creative Inspiration
See other in this series, too.
a sign that says tea from a time when adeep conversation you were down a mine shaft
Creative Inspiration
Well, this is one way to say this brand has been around awhile...