Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration

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Sarah & Tasha's tattooed and not-strictly-traditional wedding | Offbeat Bride

Fallout-themed wedding day survival kit.

starry night sky photo.

Zombie engagement photo shoot.


"[He said they] must pass the "Three Trials of Love" in order to win our rings. ...[L]astly, we had to do an interpretive dance of our vows."

K's family has a ~200-year-old shillelagh passed down through his family. I'd like to incorporate it into the wedding, but people use traditional wedding shillelaghs for having friendly brawls-- not conducive to our desired ambiance! Perhaps this is a feasible alternative use for it.

inflatable buffet cooler

bridal party pinwheels.

Candy table. Not so very interested in the hanging flowers.

Mini-flask garter. Some things must be kept close.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

portal wedding invitation, for science, and cake. (you monsters.)

Composer guy who does custom music for weddings. Pretty neat.

Dollar store plastic tablecloths and a few balloons

Taxi information displayed in a picture frame to prevent post-wedding drunk-driving death. Perhaps with more humor and less preachiness.

pretty candy buffet is pretty-- although we are not aiming for red.

Wuv...twue wuv

This is one take on a save the date. Oh dear.

Song editor.

I think these (really cute!) DIY wedding programs solve the wrong problem. "Dear guests, we're sorry, but you're going to be bored. Please entertain yourselves with these games; the whole "wedding" thing going on in front of you isn't that important, anyway."

Wiffle ball!

take a picture through your wedding ring. this is actually kind of cute, and easily done.

I can't decide if this is more or less obnoxious than the theKnot one. Any opinions?

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