treble cat - i love music and kitties. Wouldn't this make lovely wall art or a wood burning?

i want this but with a butterfly and a cross in the middle hello door jigglers reunion group tat!

everything happens for a reason-

It stands for "Everything happens for a reason". Being able to recognize that everything that happens is part of the plan for your life, that you can't control it, and that everything will work out is one of the most important parts of living a happy life. And sometimes ya just need a little reminder. :) I write this all the time on my wrist

just peachy blog

This tattoo means Hope. If I ever decided to get one....

music note <---- this is my biggest pet peeve...this is not a music note, it is a treble clef and it does not have a sound associated to it like a note would so stop calling it a note!!!

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Simple, meaningful, and cute

Tattooed girls need love too!

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Great work,

Steve Wimmer - Realistic Black and Gray Tiger

3D Tattoo of a Baby Laying on Her Chest holy crap thats amazing!

wow, that's pretty damn cool!


guitar tattoo..

Very cool idea. Not one I'd get, but it's very original and a good message

Day of the Dead Ink


Dragon whole side tattoo, awsome for its time, probably the 1920's.

So realistic... That's pretty damn cool! @Sandi Struening

@Sandi Struening woman gets awesome tattoo after mastectomy

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Reed Leslie

Little mermaid tattoo