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Patricia Pelczar

Patricia Pelczar
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Run for the hills. It's the invasion of the Maine Coons! SHARE if you think this cat breed is HUGE

The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest domesticated breeds of felines. One Maine Coon named Stewie cat holds the 'longest cat' title in the 2010 Guiness World Records, which measured out to be

Homemade Foot Detox Recipe

DIY Foot Detox Recipe Homemade Foot Detox Recipe Take 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of sea salt, 2 cups of baking soda, and several drops of lavender essential oil. Mix it well. Take ¼ cup of this mixture, and fill it with hot water

11 cats that have mastered the art of camouflage

11 cats that have mastered the art of camouflage. Supper fluffy shag rug ahowed up twice.

Starbucks' Lemon Loaf Cake copycat recipe

Starbucks Lemon Loaf Cake - the True Copycat Recipe, fluffy, yet dense, yet moist with a delicious lemony glaze. Compare size of cake mix.

These easy chocolate caramel thumbprint cookies are full of rich chocolate and sweet caramel sauce! The perfect cookie for a cookie exchange or party!

Chocolate Caramel Thumbprint Cookies: These addicting cookies blend chocolate and caramel together to make an amazing dessert/midnight snack. Chocolate and caramel might just be th…