tie dye icing

"Rainbow Cupcake Frosting" Could be done on rainbow cupcakes. This looks yummy as well as pretty. I'm not a big fan of sweets, and I have little to no fondness for chocolate cupcakes, but I totally want to eat that.

Order a Cake from a Local Bakery

Pro Tip: How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant. Watch the tutorial on how to assemble the cake quickly and cover in fondant!

A Simple Marshmallow Fondant Recipe That Anyone Can Use - It is easy to go out to buy Fondant at your nearby store. However, there is an alternative way of enjoying Fondant and that is of course by making it yourself.

A Simple Marshmallow Fondant Recipe That Anyone Can Use Really. It saved me one night when I thought I had fondant in the cupboard and found I didn't while icing my daughter's cake. For a first time effort with fondant, this was a charm.

Monsters university clay - I love how they detail every step to make the little guy :)

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How to Make Cool Whip Frosting

Make Cool Whip Frosting

Cool Whip Frosting: 4 ounce box instant vanilla pudding mix, dry - cup powdered sugar, sifted - 1 cup milk - 8 ounces Cool Whip // mix together first 3 ingredients, let stand for 3 min. & fold in cool whip.

An ordinary chocolate sheet cake gets transformed into an Easter garden scene with this creative recipe that is brought to life with Peeps! Bright orange and green frosting makes the carrots pop in their chocolaty "dirt" rows, while crumbled Oreos give the garden a perfect dusting. A too-cute treat the kids will love to see at the Easter dessert spread!

PEEPS® Easter Garden Cake

Are you on the hunt for some Easter Ideas? We& rounded up all the most popular ideas and you are going to love them! Check them all out now.

Name Plaque (Botsford): Homemade Christmas Gifts | The Happy Housewife

Name Plaque: Homemade Christmas Gifts

Two kinds of icing in one pastry tip to create swirl

Tutorial: How to Swirl Colored Icing for Cupcakes

Cupcake stand with sheet music.. would look great with BLACK cup cake wrappers.. too much with sheet music cupcake wrappers..

Cupcake stand with sheet music. would look great with BLACK cup cake wrappers. too much with sheet music cupcake wrappers.