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an old silver toy car is sitting on a table and it's made out of metal
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Norman Bel Geddes, Motor Car No. 8, ca. 1932. Courtesy Norman Bel Geddes Papers, Ransom Center, UT Austin
an old book cover with airplanes flying over the city and bridges in new york, ny
Fuck Yeah Yesterday's Tomorrow!: Photo
Postcard from 1925
the front cover of an old computer game, featuring a futuristic city and space station
6 Remarkable Retrofuturistic Visions of 21st Century Life | Gadgets, Science & Technology
retrofuturistic cities of tomorrow
two people sitting on the floor in front of a red carpeted room with stairs
simple dreams...
records on shag
a painting of people sitting in chairs on the beach under a glass dome over looking the ocean
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This modernist wet dream 1960s. .. .. .. #wetdreams #inspiration #newproject #california #lalaland via client ... illustrations by??
a man sitting on top of a couch in front of a tv set with an orange sofa
Synth Future
an old book with a drawing of a man in front of a rocket and two airplanes
illustration by Paul Galdone for "Space Cat" by Ruthven Todd (1952)
the cover to science fiction magazine, featuring two skeletons sitting in front of a control panel
an image of the inside of a space station with people and other things in it
The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was
The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was
an image of a man riding on the back of a horse next to a tiger
z- Loose Circus Tiger- 'Domenica del Corriere'