Raised embroidery tutorial: How to arrange felt pads for stumpwork figures…


The bird on the bottom would make an awesome tat. Beaded Birds- Glass beads and cotton embroidery thread.

embroidery by sabatina leccia studio //

Embroidery by sabatina leccia studio, looks like some of the close up photos I've taken of flowers, fruits, etc. It would be interesting to work with threads to recreate texture

Embroidery by Sabatina Leccia

Embroidery by Sabatina Leccia When embroidery and print merge seamlessly together.

// Rita Smirna

I love off the map embroidery. Embroidered Buenos Aires map for travel guide cover. By Rita Smirna.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Suit

Close up of embroidery on century men's suit. Details of flower floral embroidery. Silk Suit - British c, 1775 - 80 -

// Anna Jane Searle

I just found out who did this amazing embroidery work: Anna Jane Searle (aka Anna Rack).

Two Trees by Judith Reece

Two Trees by Judith Reece Use the colors of Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes and make the trees mesquite or oak