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Camryn & Andrew - The Edge of Never

(IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD YOUR OWN DEPICTIONS OF CAMRYN & ANDREW TO THIS BOARD SEND AN EMAIL TO JREDMERSKI {AT} YAHOO {DOT} COM and you will be sent an invitation. This board compiles various photos of actors and other people who closely resemble the author's vision of the characters, Camryn and Andrew, from THE EDGE OF NEVER. It also contains music featured in the novel. To learn more about THE EDGE OF NEVER, see the author's web site: )
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A glimpse of Lily Parrish in the upcoming 'Edge' book - title to be announced later.

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Ashley Benson - The perfect portrayal of Lily Parrish in the upcoming new 'Edge' book - title to be announced later.

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"Everybody starts out as strangers." - Graphic tweeted by Fernanda.

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Yet ANOTHER tattoo inspired by THE EDGE OF NEVER - Wow! This one is from Julie Kerchkof! I'm honored, truly. :-)

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Would you like to see THE EDGE OF NEVER become a movie someday? Let your voice be heard!

Cast Your Vote – THE EDGE OF NEVER Film

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Very cool! Sent to me from Julie Kerchkof - thanks, Julie! :-)

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Won an award in France :-) 2014 Loin de tout (The Edge of Never)

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▶ The edge of always/Il confine dell'eternità TRIBUTE (J. A. Redmerski) - YouTube - fan made by Maja ColdNY

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▶ The Edge Of Never book by J.A. Redmerski trailer - YouTube fanmade by appyvid22

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Book boyfriend alert! The Edge of Never, and the sequel, The Edge of Always..Oh..My..Gosh, these books <3

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Another tattoo inspired by THE EDGE OF NEVER and THE EDGE OF ALWAYS! Love it! Tattoo belongs to Alexis @ay_x0x

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