Camryn & Andrew - The Edge of Never

(IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD YOUR OWN DEPICTIONS OF CAMRYN & ANDREW TO THIS BOARD SEND AN EMAIL TO JREDMERSKI {AT} YAHOO {DOT} COM and you will be sent an invitation. This board compiles various photos of actors and other people who closely resemble the author's vision of the characters, Camryn and Andrew, from THE EDGE OF NEVER. It also contains music featured in the novel. To learn more about THE EDGE OF NEVER, see the author's web site: )

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Camryn & Andrew - The Edge of Never

Camryn & Andrew - The Edge of Never

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  • Mayleen Mincher
    Mayleen Mincher

    I wish my mom was this cool hahaha

by KayFrayBooks ‏KayFrayBooks


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Cam and Andrew

  • Gunner's Girl
    Gunner's Girl

    I was seriously thinking of Nick Bateman as Andrew! lol

"Everybody starts out as strangers." - Graphic tweeted by Fernanda.

Yet ANOTHER tattoo inspired by THE EDGE OF NEVER - Wow! This one is from Julie Kerchkof! I'm honored, truly. :-)

  • Ania Sikora-Wacnik
    Ania Sikora-Wacnik


Would you like to see THE EDGE OF NEVER become a movie someday? Let your voice be heard! jessicaredmerski....

  • Caroline Crawford
    Caroline Crawford

    I would rather see Killing Sarai. That was wild.

  • Sarah Sloss
    Sarah Sloss

    I love this book! I think it would make an awesome movie!

Very cool! Sent to me from Julie Kerchkof - thanks, Julie! :-)

  • Julia Hayes Kerchkof
    Julia Hayes Kerchkof

    My pleasure I am glad you like it!! You are amazing and I want to show my love for your outstanding books ;)

Won an award in France :-) 2014 Loin de tout (The Edge of Never)

  • Shaleen Tibbs
    Shaleen Tibbs

    Yay! Congratulations to you! I love your books. I get so invested in the lives of the characters.

  • J.A. Redmerski
    J.A. Redmerski

    Thanks, Shaleen! :-)

Photo and tweet by @JordannBetts: The only music you're allowed to listen to when rereading #TheEdgeofNever. @JRedmerski

A senior photo from Jordan Chandler

▶ The edge of always/Il confine dell'eternità TRIBUTE (J. A. Redmerski) - YouTube - fan made by Maja ColdNY

▶ The Edge Of Never book by J.A. Redmerski trailer - YouTube fanmade by appyvid22

The thought of just living to pay bills till death motivates me to stay on purpose.

  • Angie Stoffal
    Angie Stoffal


Book boyfriend alert! The Edge of Never, and the sequel, The Edge of Always..Oh..My..Gosh, these books ♥

  • J.A. Redmerski
    J.A. Redmerski

    Nice! :-)

  • Kristie Nichols
    Kristie Nichols

    Ahh! 2 of the best books I've read in a long time!! ♥


#BitchesLoveIt Andrew Parrish

  • Nicole Ballard
    Nicole Ballard

    Such a great book!

  • Kimberly Kingston
    Kimberly Kingston

    Great book!

Another tattoo inspired by THE EDGE OF NEVER and THE EDGE OF ALWAYS! Love it! Tattoo belongs to Alexis @ay_x0x

  • alexis yee
    alexis yee

    Hey that's me !!

Camryn & Andrew fan, Thatty Cruz, got yet another tattoo, this time of the 'A' on the cover of THE EDGE OF ALWAYS!

  • Thatty Cruz
    Thatty Cruz

  • Krystyna Rohde
    Krystyna Rohde

    I totally pictured Andrew as Harry styles the whole time. Green eyes, dimples, brown hair and can sing? Totally him haha

The Civil Wars - Poison and Wine

New Orleans

Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love