"Up" cake.  Amazing!

Wow Amazing cake I want to be able to do this someday things like this is what I strive for. Only complaint they didn't do the mail box like in the movie. that was a big piece of the movie.

The Store  Designed by Voice Design

Very nice and simple package design. I even love the placement and composition of the products: "The Store" Designed by Voice Design

Folded-Shirt Card - Martha Stewart Card-Making Center

Folded-Shirt Card

Fathers Day Cards: Folded-Shirt Card Make Dad's day extra-special this year with these Father's Day crafts for kids. Give Dad the perfect Father's Day card to go along with his gift. Help kids make this unique shirt-and-tie card using decorative paper.

IRON MAN  ( want one~ : )

The Iron Man iron, man. This conceptual Iron Man iron was created by an artist by the name of Mái. The Iron Man color gamma cleverly turned this iron into an awesome piece.

popsicle twin business card to share

Duo Business Cards Duo is a creative agency run by two creative print-minded individuals. Approach to the business card was to implement their brand in a clever, creative and delicious way.

Money portraits

Paper Money Heads - In case you're wondering what to do with all your spare cash monies.

Splendid use of Adrian Frutiger’s Avenir Next typeface in the packaging of this Canadian card game, designed by Hambley & Woolley. The colour palette feels suitably vintage and the box recalls Kodak circa the (via Jared Christensen)

Dollar Broom

Artist Mark Wagner has created the most expensive broom in the world by replacing traditional plastic bristles with cut up dollar bills! His ‘recycled’ Dollar Broom literally sweeps up your mess by throwing money at it!

Beautiful Mixture of Illustration and Photo Manipulation

Beautiful Mixture of Illustration and Photo Manipulation

We all love photo manipulation and its wonders as it become very interesting and beautiful, after mixture of Illustration and photo manipulation