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Military Reunions with Man's Best Friend: Dogs Welcoming Home Their Owners from Deployment

  • Joseph Hayes
    Joseph Hayes

    No greater love..

  • Trevor V
    Trevor V

    WOW..... what a great video....priceless (thank you soldiers)

  • Andrea Murley-Anderson
    Andrea Murley-Anderson

    This was lovely to watch - I kept have Dog Monday flashbacks from "Rilla of Ingleside"!

  • Katherine Gardner
    Katherine Gardner

    made me cry . ..

  • Robyn Polanski
    Robyn Polanski

    I never get tired of watching these wonderful reunions!!!

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Shit Rebulican's say... Pretty damn funny. I am a Republican and I can watch and laugh - hopefully you can too. Try not to take yourself too seriously when watching... Just enjoy!

Mommy's nose is scary

This is near where we dive... I am so fascinated by Great White's but don't know that I'd want to be in the water with them.

Poor baby! LOL!

  • that is REALLLLLLLYYYY sad

  • Jessica Rhoades
    Jessica Rhoades

    I know! Can't help but wonder why she/he is so angry!

  • Taylor Moffett
    Taylor Moffett

    that scared me. hehe i wonder the same thing

  • Julie E. Stephens
    Julie E. Stephens

    horrible. poor thing.

So stupid - but his facial expressions are hilarious!

This one never gets old! Thanks Lisa for cheering me up on a crappy day with this.

Our Sphynx cat has "issues".....

My husband showing off his shooting skills.

Abby being an actress

My first time shooting my husbands glock.

Me and my husband on our wedding day!