"My Own Shower" Children's Showerhead - Bed Bath and Beyond

Rinse ACE® My Own Shower Dolphin Showerhead

Kid's Bath= Rinse Ace - "My Own Shower" Children's Showerhead - Bed Bath and Beyond; I really like this idea! Tristen is always talking about taking big boy showers!

Sun Tanning Pillow, Cushioning Headrest with Face Cut Out

tanning pillow--has compartments for ipod/cell phone and a hole cut for your face. Massage anyone? I need this in my life

Sleeping pods. I want!

Coolest Sleeping pods for some serious napping job

The Bed Pod: A perfect getaway right at home! Soft LED lights, warm waterbed cushions, music ~for the introvert in me!~ Amazing technology tech science design electronics new news innovative gadgets device devices cool smart

OMG...my dream come true! Where can u find this???

hey mom, this would help when freezing all the corn! :) Deluxe Corn Stripper, Corn on the Cob Stripper, Corn Kernel Remover

Dog Couch. I've been wondering what I was going to do with Piggy's area. She would LOVE this because she isn't allowed on our couches.

my mind on my rawhides and my rawhides on my mind

Dog Bed With Bolster / Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed -- Orvis for pet boy girl

This is...amazing!

Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool With Stainless Steel Blades - for fresh corn for salsa, casseroles, etc (or for your kids with braces).or Kevin who doesn't eat corn off the cob.

Cure for eliminating soggy cereal! This is genius

Obol®-The Original Crispy Bowl® Never eat soggy cereal agin! Obol is the original never soggy bowl made in USA. "It's the champion of breakfast bowls" - ABC News. Seen on Silicon Valley, The Chew, The Big Bang Theory, Wired magazine & Parents magazine.

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