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Jessica Barber
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Donald "Billionaire Birther" Trump, Uncle Ben Carson, RNC Lies, GOP Memes & 2016 Election Cartoons - @MoneyTrain, FuTurXTV  & Funk Gumbo Radio:

Funniest Memes Reacting to Sarah Palin& Endorsement of Trump: Palin Blames Obama

Hello Scott Brown!! Dean Heller!! Michelle Backman!!! YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID, BUT YOU CAN VOTE IT OUT T-SHIRT

I agree completely. Vote out the do nothing republican congress and the Tea party, who shuts down the government and then blames the president. They must be stupid and "we" should vote them Out

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I don't know how trump became president. Like I said, Hillary did win the popular vote, but somehow trump got pulled into it.