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    The Smile Epidemic

    I started a little photo blog to spread the smile virus. Think of something you love, hold it up where your smile goes and take a pic. Send it along to us and we'll pop them up on the blog!

    The Smile Epidemic

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    Rainbows makes everyone smile don't they?

    Love these #CanadaSmiles

    Poutine, for those of you who don't know what that is... Fries, Gravy, Cheese, Delicious

    Fun game for our #CanadaSmiles campaign. Fill in the blank for the famous Canadian. ______ makes Mike Meyers Smile!?

    Potentially the cutest Smile Post yet!

    Every year I hide money in my pockets before I put my clothes away for the season - Found $50 in my shorts tonight - I get myself every time! #Smilebomb

    what wonderful little people kids are :)

    What about Canada makes you smile #CanadaSmiles #Canadaday

    So so so so true :)

    This is what we'll be talking about at SXSW this year as well as improving happiness using social media :)

    grin like a chimp


    Stop and Smile

    My daughters and I would take walks in the rain together , and would catch people smiling at us.

    Smiles are TRULY awesome and FREE! I love to smile and I teach my Beauty Queen Taylor who is 9 to smile all the time too!

    KEEP CALM AND have a coke and a smile

    Smile and let it change the world!

    smile much and often - This guy had the most contagious smile!


    Forget the past and look forward

    feeling loved and supported :)

    Having a good cry and being OK about it :)

    Comic Books make Dan Smile!

    Being home with Family for the holidays