Photo transfer to wood by printing on wax paper then transferring - 42 Craft Project Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell - Big DIY IDeas

Quiet Time Sponge blocks

Make Your Own Sponge Blocks for Quiet Time Building Fun - can I just say I love this idea for nap time too. Want to run to Target right now and get some.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Teach coding, get girls interested in all of these subjects. However you slice it, there’s a lot of focus on the logical and analytical brain functions these days. Many schools are cutting the ‘extras’ like art and music. While I firmly believe that students need to be well rounded and really

vs The handy infographic below takes a look at why focusing on the skills of half our brain is not enough. It explores the functions of all parts of the brain (however simplified) and gives some insight into how the creative skills can help you a lot.

Pop ups reference page Paula Beardell Krieg

A Nod to Making Pop-Ups

Paper crafting -- making pop-ups with a piece of paper (maybe cardstock works best?

The Art of Dance by Elizabeth Rosen

ORIGINAL 12x12 PAINTING, Black Ballerina, Dancer, impasto, art of dance, by Elizabeth Rosen

Colorful Black Ballerina Dancer Broadway impasto art of dance byartist Elizabeth Rosen .ok imagen a blue quilt and a black shaoe of a womans face

Post- Tests in Art. Using Data to drive your instruction without too much headache.

Post- Tests in Art. Using Data to drive your instruction without too much headache. art ed central loves this idea measure growth easily

21st Century Learners Posters: Passion, Imagination, Perseverance, Courage, Curiosity, Adaptability $

21st Century Skills Learners Posters

I don't usually pin things that cost money, but this is worth remembering and possibly re-creating.