Scottish Clans

Scottish Clans: A Treasury of Families and History. The Gunn Clan motto : Either peace or war

Vintage Boy in kilt.  Scottish

Antique photo of boy in kilt, Scottish. Another picture of a child that reminds me of Donald Trump.

Raven kilt pin in Scottish bog oak over 4000 years old. By Geoff King. Woodland Treasures

Celtic Raven Kilt Pin -- I pinned it for my friend who actually has a "pinning pins" board. :) >>> make the hilt of her sword be a raven? is ravens.

Scottish Jacobite - Just out of period, but hey, how often do those highlanders change gear?  Anyway, basics are the same!

Scottish Jacobite: This may well be the Laird of the Castle on the lookout for the English army. Most likely the English are on their way to quell another highland uprising in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

"The Jacobite Leaving Loch Rannoch" by Robert Griffing.  I like the sheer ruggedness and pride this painting captures.

Scottish Warrior of the Jacobite rebellion of - You may think you break us, you may curse us, you may clear us from the land of our birth. But that which makes us Scots, runs within us as mucha s the air we breath. Scots we are and always will be!

10. "Graham McTavish (Dougall) wears his pinned at the shoulder and across his chest, very aristocratic," said Dresbach. "Grant O'Rourke (Rupert) tucks a corner of his plaid into his belt to create a pocket to carry his hat. Steven Walters (Angus) uses a special rock to clasp his plaid to create what is called a pauper's knot in the Highlands. At one point his rock was lost and he panicked as a Highlander told him to keep it safe and never let it leave Scotland. We found it and keep it very…

17. Other Kilt Secrets... from 25 Fascinating Facts About Outlander

" Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both under your belt, that's real power." ~ Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood on ‘Jersey Boys,’ ‘American Sniper,’ / Clint Eastwood - American actor, film director, producer and composer. Photo by Platon


Norse Mythology ~ Viking Knotwork

Munshi, Queen Victoria's head of household and close friend Abdul Karim was ordered to return to India after the monarch died in 1901.  Only days before, Abdul Karim had been given a prominent place in Queen Victoria's funeral procession - which aroused the disgust of her family.  He was ordered to hand over every letter, note and memo that the late Queen had sent him over the 13 years he had served her.

Victoria & Abdul: The 24-year-old Indian servant the widowed Queen called 'dearest Munshi' and the scandal that drove him out of Britain

'Dearest Munshi': Queen Victoria's head of household and close friend Abdul Karim was ordered to return to India after the monarch died in 1901

Queen Victoria’s Indian servants Abdul Karim and Mohammed Buksh

The full tragic truth about Queen Victoria

He was one of Queen Victoria’s most trusted confidants, but Abdul Karim’s remarkable role was all but expunged from history by jealous members of the Royal Family.