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NYC Ballet dancers reveal what they have given up since childhood to pursue their passion.- I know this isn't irish dance but it shows the sacrifices dancers make & how they are absolutely worth it!

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pointeshoesecrets: “balanceandperfection: “ aurelie-dupont: “ Bethany by Kimene ” I have this leo in black ♡ ” Lol why did i bother writing that in the caption?

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Next time you want to say that ballet is easy, think about this image.

Ballerinas literally put their entire body weight on their big toes.Yeah, don't mess with us. You don't want to feel the force of our big toes!

Passion & Endurance

Behind the Curtain at the New York City Ballet // Henry Leutwyler-Ive always admired Ballerinas for being so graceful, in so much pain

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The Benefits of Ballet Lessons for Adults  This is it in a nutshell!

The Benefits of Ballet Lessons for Adults

The Benefits of Ballet Lessons for Adults This is it in a nutshell! This pin provides a wide array of benefits that ballet can offer from the obvious health benefits to exercising the brain and creating a more artistic style.

Give everything you've got on your rehearsals!!

Prima Studio barre leggings for your fitness, ballet, or Flashdance-style workout. The plié leggings are calling my name!

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~☆ beauty ☆~ Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze The quotes I love - now to find pictures to match!

I can't even imagine being this strong or flexible

darcey bussell vertical split, dancers could benefit from our underwear to save having an awkward moment.