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Messes We Have Made

Messes We Have Made

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a drop of coloring in spoon of baking soda and then mixing into cup of vinegar for surprise color and bubbles. We did this and it was easy and fun - followed by pouring colors together to make new colors, so have some empty cups ready.

Felt fortune cookies - fabric glue piece of pipecleaner in felt circle - works

Toddler messenger bag - skipped the pocket and made longer strap for Valentine messenger bag for toddlers and preschoolers - fast and easy.

Sew a Toddler Messenger Bag

slime basket - hard to find these berry baskets, but works so well with slime.

slime basket - hard to find these now of days, but great for slime!

tortilla snowflakes :: winter snack (at Our Best Bites) - we had preschoolers bite patterns if they didn't want to use scissors and used olive oil + poppy seed and sesame seed sprinkles for a savory snack.

String Art - works well for preschoolers who are not ready to make God's eyes - even simpler designs are interesting!

Marshmallow Shooter - I saw this originally in a book, nice to see someone has tried it - works!

Soap Bubble Prints - FamilyFun... mix 1 cup bubble solution with 1/2 cup paint, blow bubbles, press down paper from above - repeat

cook a tortilla-pizza in a foil-lined pizza box "solar oven." Solar-Powered Lunch! | Inner Child Fun

DIY Christmas Ornament

Kitchen Science: Freezing and Melting; Things we tried that were really interesting included oil, elmer's glue, bunny crackers, milk, playdough. Tried freezing - checking after an hour then the next day, melting, re-freezing.

Comet catch. We did this by taping lengths of paper streamer (masking tape) to soft balls (sections of tights-leg stuffed with polyfiber fill and knotted). A lot of fun to throw around and hear/see the streamer... with the soft ball, also a good throwing activity that doesn't hurt anyone/thing.

Use playdough worms to make the idea of maze "walls" more tangible. I'm sure this not an original idea, but don't recall seeing it. We also put the maze in a page protector and used dry-erase markers to make it easy to do again. Kids eventually get this concept regardless, but if your kiddo is interested in the idea of mazes... something easy and fun to explore. Maze printable from www.busybeekidspr...

Hang socks and tights from box for crawling fun - for babies and toddlers

Baby Play: Cardboard Box Play Tunnel - The Imagination Tree

Tin foil and colored sand writing

Rubberbands on doorknob... fun activity for a toddler. Now puts rubber bands on stuffed animals.

toilet paper roll + wrapping paper roll = dolls with changing face expressions

Decorate pinecone (as a stand-in for a Christmas tree) with pom poms and pipecleaners

Chasing Cheerios: Decorating a Pine Cone "Tree" Work

polishing pennies with vinegar and salt - does make them look shiny and then they turn green very quickly if you don't dry... but that's interesting too! Hmm, note the comment though about vinegar and copper making copper sulfite... we only used new pennies... maybe will try baking soda next time

dip cotton balls in flour/water and bake - crunchy outside, soft inside

  • Jennifer Beaudin Angstadt
    Jennifer Beaudin Angstadt

    ours looked considerably stranger, with swirled colors and some of the batter pooled around the edges, and my toddler decided they were treats for her animals; dry even after 15 minutes, if you can't wait to get them out, remember to spray the cookie tray

milk, dish detergent, food coloring - easy and surprisingly beautiful! Used the toothpick in detergent technique and finished by dipping small pieces of paper to make prints.

excavating animals in gelatin (we used vegan) - fun and gelatin was re-used for a few days for squishy exploration (including dropping in water, where it seemed to disappear)

pulling paperclips from grains using magnet on the outside of a jar - I've also seen this with water