So true, at least tumblr tells the truth #merlin

Merlin has two outfits, the blue shirt/red scarf combo seen above and a red shirt/blue scarf combo. But, yeah, that light blue shirt is not something Merlin has ever worn.

Merthur... Bradley approves!!

but the keyword here is "bromance." not "romance." i love merlin and arthur's relationship, but not in a romantic way.

Chicken... Necromancy... We can all see the connection<<< I laughed so much when I watched this.

We can all see the connection<< when I watched that scene I literally laughed out loud

Arthur & Merlin

I was laughing like insane at this scene. Arthur was rubbing it in Merlin's face. THE HONOUR!<<< "Dishonor on you Merlin!" - The Mind of Arthur Pendragon

I knew I couldn't have been the only one who thought this! ---- Come on though... admit it. He's kinda dorky looking. In the best sense of the word.

Netflix makes it seem like such a nonchalant thing, like oh yes, good looking country boys witness executions every day in the colorful city of Camelot

Five while seasons of plot and character development hat lead to years of pain within a fandom reduced to its most basic and true form. Giaus knows everything and you never trust that Dragon at his word

Actually, the dragon did tell the truth, ALOT! But I still like the idea about Gaius! :)-- yeah I agree! He was pretty accurate but Merlin never listen to hin

This sounds like a conversation that Casten and Varen would have, except Merlin looks nothing like Varen.

This sounds like a conversation that Merlin and Gwaine would have.

"I came back because you're the only friend I have and I couldn't bear to lose you." -BBC Merlin

And that's how you hide your true feelings - by saying the truth and then telling refuting it and telling the person not to be stupid. You aren't fooling anyone Arthur Pendragon!

Lancelot in a crowd and can't find Merlin

Lancelot in a crowd and can't find Merlin<< I don't care that I've pinned this before, it needs to be pinned again!