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If you are a fellow cinephile, you can follow me at: ‎Little Movie Nerd.‎ ‎Hosting over 2000 MMPs, the vast majority of the posters here were submitted by both designers and amateurs. (Note: This blog...

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The wind began to switch / The house, to pitch / And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch / Just then the Witch / To satisfy an itch / Went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch!

Peter's pick of the Wizard of Oz for a class play ended up being a huge hit and really showed off the progress made as a whole.

The Wizard of Oz - In the original novel, Dorothy wore silver shoes, but her ruby slippers in the film are now among the most treasured and valuable of film memorabilia. FACT: A number of pairs were made for the film (though no one knows exactly how many) and five pairs are known to have survived - one of these was stolen in 2005 and never found again.