The combination of berry shades – dewberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry – and a pomegranate. This color scheme might look peculiar when complementing delicate wedding decoration: dark, rich range (Mix Berry Strawberry Blueberry)

color palettes

Monochrome dark blue color palette reminds of mystery of the sky before a thunderstorm. Transition from deep dark blue color to pure white is contrast and at the same time softened with pastel shades of blue. Perfect color for the interior of bathroom

color palettes

Delicate berry shades contrasting look, but organically. A smooth transition from dark blue to pink ensures that cold blue with pink midtone. The palette will give elegance and depth of the interior living room or bedroom.

color palette

Natural combination of cool green shades and soft, warm gray and brown tones is complemented by black. This colour scheme suits well kitchen design: bright

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autumn palette (design seeds)

flora hues

today's inspiration image for { flora hues } is by . i *love* these gorgeous yellows + find this palette ideal summer inspiration .

color horizon

Color Wander

color horizon Colors for the living room. One of the darker blues for the fireplace and lighter blue or gray from the walls.