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Growing up in the 70's and 80's

Slouched Socks

penny loafers



...or this!

Love's baby soft -- I can still smell it

ALL patio furniture looked a lot like this

‘Grease’ collector cards, 1970s.

Tootsie Tots / Tootsie Jesters Candy - 1971 by Waffle Whiffer

Thanks for the great books, Judy Blume!

we had glass *and* plastic grapes ;-)

travel clocks with glowing arms (the clock collapsed into the case).

Go Ask Alice

"When you hear Tinker Bell's chimes, turn the page."

The first Morris died in 1978 and was replaced by more cats who played "Morris." All cats to play Morris have been rescues, either coming from an animal shelter or a cat rescue.

Cheers. The thing I always loved about this show, besides everything, was when they would all shout "NORM!" when he would come through the door and then you'd wait just a few seconds, cuz you knew it was coming...Diane would ALWAYS follow up with a "Norman!" Listen for it next time. :)