How to care for a sad person

How to care for a sad person ♥

Homemade Holiday Lollipops #recipe

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I like this one for her 1st night back!! Put it on the door step, ring the bell, run away and let the kids open it!

15 MORE Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Lemon Honey Lollipops for when the kids have sore throats

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Mini potted Truffula Trees, inspired from the Dr. Seuss children's book, "The Lorax". Each Truffula is individually handmade using real moss and a ceramic clay pot bearing the Lorax' final warning: "UNLESS". Trees are approx. 5-6 inches tall, and are currently only available in a classic pink....

Mini Potted Truffula Tree (Pink)

Christmas present from the little man? 2014 crafts DIY new photo

DIY Personalized Candle - The Frugal Female

DIY Jellyfish In A Bottle - so cheap, easy and fun!

DIY Jellyfish In A Bottle-Craft by Photo

Dumbo baby shower cake.... if that's not the cutest cake i've ever seen, i don't know what is (:

dumbo baby shower cake

I LOVED looking through these at Christmas time!!! 1989 Sears Christmas Catalog

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The Ultimate Playroom: Enter through a magical armoire! Pix of interior after the jump. (Straight Line Designs)

Playroom Project

First Day of School Sign by Sassyrae on Etsy, $ how it says what they want to be when they grow up since it changes so much!

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Adorable illustration.

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Doughnut on a string party game! Too fun! @Toby Mayer Mayer Matson I thought of you for the next time the Dirks' come over!!!

Madly Stylish Events: Halloween Games for Class Parties

Super Summer FUN activity- make ice cream in a bag. This is so fun for the kids to make and tastes AMAZING! ( Only a few basic ingredients needed)

Summer Fun- Ice Cream in a Bag ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

20 of the Best Disney Love Quotes - this ones actually tattooed on my back!!

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<3 Bambi & Thumper <3

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colorful pouffs, kids playroom ideas

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Disney alphabet

The Disney Alphabet Art Print at

List of things to say to characters at Disney: Rafiki is my favorite and I will so do that next time!

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On the morning of their birthday party, start the morning with birthday pancakes, candle & sprinkles...this would be a fun tradition to start:)

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What kid wouldn't want to eat out of this?! Would also be perfect with a glass platter on top to hold a cake for race car theme party.

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Why settle for a boring patch when you could have a Knee Monster?

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or stacking chairs and step stools on their bed to hang things from the ceiling....

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List of Foods 10-Month-Old Babies Eat and tips like when giving babies fruits and veggies use cheerio dust to help give the food some grip which will help it be easier for the baby to pick up! how cool!

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Love this idea for a future little girl's room. Vintage barbie prints and vintage dresses for decor. So classy and sweet!

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