The leaning cake from Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping beauty cake- I really want this for my birthday cake. not quite the same effect but for my this would be awesome :) (*wink* *wink* Kaley!

swimming pool battle with inflatable logs

Joust Pool Game - Urban Outfitters How stupid did the models feel, taking photos on a pool-like background, and not actually IN a pool? Still, looks like this would be fun.

Irony / iFunny :)

I love irony, and the very last pic is ironic as well! :D// well not really but still funny

Toy Story

I Waste So Much Time

i would totally marry a guy named andy and for my wedding shoes i would wear cowgirl boots. then i would belong to andy :).its a cute idea even if you dont have a guy named andy.

Life of Pi

"Nailed it" meme joke pic: Life of Pi imitation. For more great humor and funny pics visit www.

The wisdom of Walt...

Such a wise man, and so true. Take a courageous step today, whether it's big or small. Others may not know what strength it required, but you will, and that's what matters!

Swimline Swimline Sphere Floating Habitat Pool Float

I can just imagine everyone trying to crawl through and it turning and you almost drowning idk though


Life-size Totoro made with rice straw, Japan, photograph by Mitsuo Kaneko.

An amazing and inspiring artist…

After only a 20 minute helicopter ride over New York City, autistic artist, Stephen Wiltshire was able to draw the New York skyline, in pen, just from memory. The Amazing things God gives us power to do!


Beauty Ideal, Cool chick, Bjørk / Bjork, Black and White fashion photography. fashion icon and singer / artist.

Vai um fuschurrasquinho?

On-the-go BBQ pit. A salvage yard is a treasure trove for grilling ideas at the outdoor man cave.

thrift monsters

Awesome idea add monsters to thrift store paintings! Artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal decided to inject a little fun into these discarded works and give them a second life by adding monsters to the scenic landscapes.