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    how to make a nurses cap costume out of paper

    Love is Messy! Great gift for Teacher appreciation week or Valentine's Day from simply sprout

    Cereal Box owl pinata! Super easy and the possibilities are endless for color options. This was created for a Valentine Day birthday party! You could also make a smaller one for a Valentine card box.

    I love TED Talks but there are so many. These are the ones to watch if you only have so much time!

    Women’s Softball Hoodie T-Shirt – Laces. Soft, lightweight pink fabric, neon drawstrings and a flattering cut make this cute softball hoodie an ideal gift for softball girls.

    5 Dogs with absolutely amazing fur | The Planet of Pets

    28 Dogs With Extraordinary Fur Patterns And Markings Like You’ve Never Seen Before

    This dog looks so depressed! I bet he's thinking "ok I'm weird...I get it. Please leave me alone now." Lol

    Easy ingredient swaps from Ziploc®. Great guide to reference if you’re missing a key ingredient for a recipe, trying to make holiday meals healthier, or if you have a food allergy. Swap bananas for eggs, Greek yogurt for sour cream, applesauce for butter, avocado for mayo, and crushed nuts for breadcrumbs.

    Tumblr- love the little freckles on her ears and that little "kiss me" spot

    Blue english bulldog puppy. So much snuggles to be had with this pup

    OMG I NEED ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS!!! no idea what english they mixed with this pup but he is tooooo pretty!

    rare color english bulldogs | Click here for more info about Blue English Bulldogs

    Bacon Appetizer Crescents great for tailgating, parties, holidays or just a snack

    Click visit site and Check out Cool "Boxer" T-shirts. This website is excellent. Tip: You can search "your name" or "your favorite shirts" at search bar on the top.

    Zodiac: Taurus will do little things to keep reminding you that they love you

    These necklaces are made with real baseballs and softballs. They are a great way to show your support for your favorite player or to show

    did you know?-yes I did but I thought I would share!

    Epigastric, Umbilical, Inguinal and Femoral Hernias - This is SO helpful!!

    Drug dosage math Calculations for nursing... SO helpful!

    "Battle's sign is bruising over the mastoid sinus (just behind the auricle) and is a delayed physical finding associated with basilar skull fractures. Hemotympanum (blood behind the ear drum) and "raccoon eyes" (periorbital bruising) are other delayed findings consistent with basilar skull fractures." San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Services, Clinical Images,

    Dr.ABC: a) Cullens sign (bruising around the navel (Periumbilical ecchymosis)) b) Turners sign: brusing on the abdominal flank

    Thankful #quotes. A couple people come to my kind hahaha

    Build each other up, don't push each other down!

    Life is Better with a Boxer Art Print @Maricella Greeman Greeman Greeman Greeman Aurora