"What I like about black and white photographs is that they're more like reading a book than seeing the movie..."
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This is one of the single greatest feelings ever. Reading to your lover in bed. Also being read to by your lover in bed is awesome too. I'll take this over money and anything else any day.

sunflowers are amongst my very favorites. my mom and I had a garden of them when I was younger, but the birds love to eat them!

sunflowers are so gorgeous in their natural color, i never thought to use black and white photography, but looks stunning

So cute.

“It is a happy talent to know how to play. Being able to play with those you love is possibly the sweetest gift life offers.


large scale, whole of wall print/wallpaper//

sun kissed

at the beach

✖️MUSE // Muse by Maike // Instagram: @musebymaike #MUSEBYMAIKE

Arte sweatshirt in white

Gorgeous white summer mixi with top beaded blouse and brown leather hand bag and golden shoes and gold braslate and black goggles the best way to show fashion style

FOR STYLE INSPIRATION || Silk v-neck beauty || NOVELA BRIDE...where the modern romantics play & plan the most stylish weddings... (Instagram: @novelabride)

Sabo Skirt (chanel bags and cigarette drags)

aint nuthin' but the real thing baby

Harper’s Bazaar, 1936

Woman & her white peacock~Martin Munkacsi - Harper’s Bazaar, June °