Diy log candle holder

Easy DIY Crafts: DIY birch wood candle holder So cool for our woodland cabin theme in our living room! Easy DIY Crafts: DIY birch wood candle holder So cool for…

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this!!

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers.pour boiling water in the candle and the wax will float to the top. Break wax (if need be) to remove. I have so many beautiful glass jars with small amounts of candle wax in them. Up cycle!

Mason jar lanterns, as far as I can see there isn't actually a tutorial on how to do it...but it seems pretty straightforward. Buy jar. Paint jar.

5 Spaces To Decorate With Our Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

DIY handpainted mason jar lanterns- this is a link to someone that sells these painted jars. Would be cool to make your own, use in one of the hanging lights made with mason jars!

Semi-tutorial... Would be awesome down the center of a table, or on a coffee table....          love

Loretta Sash

If you were to use drift wood this would be awesome for a beach reception style thing. Very natural, but striking. Drill holes in wood, place tea lights. Beautiful outdoor table center piece for the picnic table---AROUND THE GARDEN POOL

Tips on Candle Making - Best site for jars also - at bottom of page!

Candlemaking 101: it’s easier than you might think!

Despite all my home, bath & body "craftiness", for years I put off candle making because I remembered my childhood forays into the hobby, which resulted in ruined pots, crayons melted all over .

DIY printed candles tutorial using purchased candles, tissue paper, card stock, tape, a push pin, scissors, a hair dryer, computer and printer. Graphics were free at

Print Candles - an easy craft project to make in minutes

The Shabby Creek Cottage - book pages on candles (Could also use any pre-printed tissue paper with this tutorial, even easier) - perhaps with newspaper? Important events or sports pages. Hometown newspaper so they won't forget.

Cute for an outdoor table

Would be expecially awesome to find a branch that was arch shaped so it would sit on table with the candle lites up in air rather than flat on table. 5 tealight wood candle holder low lying bark on split log eco nature beeswax candles

Sea shells made to be candle holders

Collect shells on the beach,take a tea light out of its container,place in shell,and light the candle! Now Caroline actually has something to with her "precious" shells!

We almost can't believe these geometric candles are a #DIY!

Geometric Candles

DIY geometric candles - surprisingly easy - the molds are made by cutting, folding, and gluing paper, and the project includes 7 free templates.


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