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an image of some cartoon characters on a star
The Elysian Volume 1 Cover
an image of a comic strip with blood pouring down the pages and people in costume
The Elysian pages 128-129
a comic page with an image of a man in the center and people around him
The Elysian 20-21
an image of aliens in the process of being animated
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Volume 1 Page 9
an image of the elyian movie poster with aliens in the background and one man holding a spear
Elysian #0 Cover
an image of a group of people in the style of comic book characters, all with different facial expressions
TheElysian User Profile | DeviantArt
three panels with different drawings on them
TheElysian User Profile | DeviantArt
some pages from the comic book, with one page being drawn in black and white
TheElysian User Profile | DeviantArt
a black and white drawing of people walking on a beach near rocks with a boat in the water
an image of a comic strip with people in it