"Last night, they were doing a headcount of all the Angels in heaven. There was one big problem, the sweetest Angel was missing!


Angels love you and are here to guide you, if you ask. When you become in tune w/your guides & angels (& reject the manipulative dark ones pushing your wounding) you will notice the signs they give to you to guide you through your day.

Angel of love

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free Baby Angels wallpaper, resolution : 240 x 320 (ipod wallpaper).


gleymdi að taka mynd af kertinu sjálfu,en hér er hönnunin sem fór á það.

Noon - Abbott Handerson Thayer

Her strength was held up by the angels as she began to take a little step forward every day. ~A Modern Day Ruth ✝ God is within her; ~Psalm (My Favorite: Abbott Handerson Thayer, Noon)


For comfort Angels never leave - They& always at your side - † Blessings Quotes and Sayings †


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Sargent's Fine Art is pleased to feature the fantastical paintings of Mary Baxter St Clair who lets us see through her eyes the wonder-filled world of fairies, mermaids, and angels.


Nancy Noel likes painting children as angels. These paintings are awesome. Tender portraits of Amish children, angels and pets have made Noel very popular.